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kidney he needed. >> you should check out yuck-cetera. we have to go? >> rest in peace, uncle leo. >> bye, andy. lauren, great, phil. kevin, great job, paul, always a pleasure. i'm greg. goodbye. forward big spending cuts. president obama huddles with senate democrats over his new budget proposal and a man many would like to see running for president makes an impression here in d.c. live from the studio in washington. this is special report. >> brett: good good evening. the ballot how to save your money is getting tougher. federal government's balance sheet is getting lower as the days tip down toward a major deadline. carl cameron is watching the fiscal carnage on capitol hill.
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good evening. >> reporter: in the quest to cut more than $60 billion from current spending congress today approved an amendment that would de-fund a back up engine for the ficht 35 joint fighter jet. it could cost a lot of jobs and would save more than $3 billion over the next couple of years on a jet engine the pentagon said they didn't want in the first place. >> when it comes to cutting programs by democrats, the left is fighting back from those that jobs could be lost. >> this is deeper than what we have faced before. >> reporter: democrats blasted the plan to eliminate the budget for corporation for public broadcasting calling it an attack by conservatives over the npr as biased toward liberals.
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>> we can't leave arthur and all of his pals. >> reporter: they say it's democrats leaving them in the her of by protecting puppet instead of taxpayers. across the cuts would lead to dire consequences. >> it would lead to the loss of 25,000 construction jobs and leave our air traffic control system stuck in the last century. >> reporter: republicans countered is the $14 trillion debt. >> it cripples by taxing too much and borrowing too much. >> administration officials stand out to tout the massive spending program this year. robert gates and mike mullen suggested that the republican budget as laid my under cut the troops. >> by short cited cuts could lead to costly yes, sir and
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tragic consequences later. >> reporter: majority house republicans hope to pass the resolutions thursday or friday but the white house issued a statement of administration policy with an explicit veto threat to any measure that hurts job creation, contains earmarks or threatens what the president calls critical priorities. >> they say the veto threat moves the government one step closer to a government shutdown when the current money runs out on march 4. they are moving to draft legislation to give lawmakers to try to work out a compromise. this is going to get very ugly. >> brett: while things are getting tough on the hill president obama's critics continue to insist his budget for next year is not nearly tough enough. mike emanuel has that story. >> reporter: a week after a meeting with white house leaders he met privately with the democratic leadership. reid, shoe her and murray.
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his 2012 budget his press secretary says has begun. >> what the american people expect is a cooperative focused sincere effort toward tackling these difficult issues. >> reporter: the president is trying to press house republican leaders, boehner and cantor and ryan by doing interviews with tv stations in their home districts. back in washington, mr. obama's budget has been widely criticized for not laying out a plan on entitlements and not doing enough on spending. >> the consensus on the proposal that it's unserious ander responsible. he is not treating this crisis with the seriousness it demands. >> reporter: top democrat in the senate says he understands the situation. >> we would hope the people on the other side, republicans in the house would understand, we're trying to work together over here.
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i hope the american people are able to see what they are doing. we believe there should be cuts in spending. >> reporter: boehner has promised a plan for entitlements as part of the republican house for budget that would guarantee security. while he had a private lunch, it's clear that mcconnell that mr. obama and his allies are committed. >> the democratic leaders in congress have decided to take a pass. they are unwilling to admit that washington needs to live within the means or unwilling to make the tough choices that will get us there. >> reporter: after campaigning on transparency the obama team that is concluded some negotiations are better done in private. white house aides are tight-lipped and senator reid would not say much about reiterating his position on
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supporting social security. >> brett: mike, thank you. you are paying more for gas right now than you have in more than two years. aaa says the national average for regular is now $3.13 a gallon. stocks were up. dow gained 61 1/2. s&p 500 added 8. nasdaq finished head 21. hot ticket here in d.c. was for speech by a politician who has become very popular by being very unpopular with government workers. shannon bream reports on the man who insists he is not running for president. >> the scene for chris christie was simple, go big or go home. many party leaders are unwilling to tackle the difficult issues like entitlement reform. >> you will have to raise the retirement age for social security. i just said it. i did not vaporize.
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>> his remarks what he is best known for, taking on employee unions without apologies. >> i want to save your pension and save your health care for your life. yeah, you will have to take a little bit. it's difficult times. >> a blunt comment, one made by john boehner this week. >> over the last three years since president obama has taken office the federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs. if some of those jobs are lost in this, so be it. we're broke. >> maybe so be it for him, but not so be it for the people losing their jobs. >> some say the tough talk is a plus. >> one of the things people like he is very blunt and refreshing. he has candor. >> but others like dan maloy are not fans. he is quoted as saying of
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christy, being bombastic for the sake of it has never been my take on the world. >> i am fighting because for our future we are teetering edge on disaster. >> he touched on number of topics today. entitlement reform and fiscal policy reform. and will he run for the white house in 2012. >> listen, i threatened to commit suicide. [ laughter ] >> i did. what do i have to short of suicide to convince people i'm not running. apparently i actually to have commit suicide. [ laughter ] >> reporter: among one of the reasons he won't run, chris christie says he has a lot of work to do in new jersey and also, his wife would, quote, kill him. >> brett: wisconsin state legislature could vote as soon as thursday on a plan by it's new republican governor to strip collective bargaining rights for
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public employees. thousands of people came to the state capital for a second day of protests. it's not every day you hear about a politician giving back money but the chief executive in florida is breaking the mold. >> reporter: high speed trains have been held as the future of american transportation but on wednesday, florida's new governor rick scott surprised both parties saying his state is already in a deep $3 billion budget abyss and wanted no part of the obama backed rail plan that would connect tampa into orlando. >> if you went into a project, notices a good transaction for the other side, it comes back to be a problem for you. >> reporter: he said if the project failed, they would be on the hook to pay $2.4 billion in aid. at the same time the republican controlled state house florida is considering the first in the country to withdraw from medicaid. the author of the new proposal
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state senator set said, quote, if the federal government elects us not to allow us to operate the program we'll operate our medicaid program with our resources, meaning a pared down version could be run cheaper. on wednesday the white house said it was disappointed by governor's scott's digs but if florida didn't want the money, other states would. >> we want to make sure that money is used elsewhere to advance the infrastructure and innovation agenda that is essential for economic growth. >> reporter: last year president obama proclaimed america's $53 billion high speed renaissance would begin in florida. news of the gubernatorial roadblock struck both parties who remembered scott's campaign promise. >> let's get to work. >> florida senator bill nelson is speaking with officials. >> florida has the best proposal in the entire united states.
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we cannot afford to let this opportunity pass us by. >> reporter: supporters say the project would bring hope and 24,000 new jobs to a state reeling in high unemployment. the governor says his background is in business, not politics and the new high speed rail plan as it stands now is bound to fail. >> brett: california democratic governor jerry brown has ordered a government hiring freeze. they are go 80 with $26.5 billion budget crisis. and he has dropped a lawsuit whether the governor has the authority to pay state workers minimum wage. california supreme court says it will get involved over the voter approved law banning same-sex marriage. a federal judge has ruled the law unconstitutional. justices will decide backers of proposition 8 have legal standing to defend the initiative in court.
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we'll tell you how much you will have to pay to help the irs collect taxes for the new healthcare law. coming up on the grapevine.
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>> brett: israel's foreign minister says iran is sending two warships into the mediterranean sea. he says they will sail through the suez canal today and it's a pro vacation they can't ignore for long. iran said navy cadets have been dispatched for a year long training mission. >> legacy of tunisia and other places saw more protests but the push back from the state increases. james rosen shows us what happened. [ gun shots ] >> reporter: in amateur video
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reportedly taken in bahrain in the last 48 hours, security forces fired without warning in the capital city, after three days of protests and home to the navy's fifth fleet. >> in yemen, sixth day of protests, 2,000 police lashed out at demonstrators and clashes in the strategic port of aden. long time president there, a u.s. ally in fight against al-qaeda blamed it on suspicious foreign agendas a claim in washington they quickly rejected. >> these weren't being perpetrated by outside.... >> in lib yeah, people protests tuesday demanding the release of a human rights lawyer. but protestors remained on site and went into the night. in 2003, 34 years after he took power in libya, muammar khadafy
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shut down his wmd programs after the u.s. begin normalizing relations. one month after his son met with secretary of state clinton they signed a new trade pact. the profile lists libya as a authoritarian state but a spokesman was reluctant to say what kind of rule here he is. >> muammar khadafy, is he dictator. you have do answer to the question. are you stumped. what is the answer to the question? >> i don't think he came to office through a democratic process. >> in iran a funeral of a young man slain in protests erupted in a klarn between government and opposition forces and the ayatollah khomeini, says his government like some others won't be bullied like some
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others. >> brett: worker strikes continued in egypt. the ruling military council issued a second statement in three days calling for an immediate end for all labor unrest. there was a spiritual element of regime change. david lee military on how christians are coping. >> there is hope and fear at the coptic church in northern neighborhood of cairo. just down the block from a mosque. they attended the mass, many like high school student welcome the change in government and hopes it will bring the country together. christians and muslims are egyptians. we don't see the difference. >> but religious tension is on the rise between the 8 million christians who belong to the coptic church and overwhelming muslim majority. christians comprise about 10 percent of the population have
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complained about discrimination. last month, a suicide bomber linked to islamic extremists killed 21 christians at a church. there is hope that a new government will heal old wounds, many christians are worried about the role of the muslim brotherhood. previously banned group which calls for strict adherence to islamic law is creating its own political party. >> there is no doubt that muslim brotherhood represents a big segment in the society. it is better they work for the benefit of the country. >> some christians are worried that the muslim brotherhood will erode the rights of the christians, the largest christian community in the middle east. >> their agenda they will run the country democratically. there is fear amongst egyptians. >> leaders of the coptic church
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remain cautiously optimistic. they have panel considering changes to the constitution, already serving on that panel, a representative from the muslim brotherhood. >> brett: early thursday morning in cairo. david lee, thank you. >> still to come, a deal that sounded too good to be true in new jersey. and up next, another blow to the president's plan to close president's plan to close guantanamo bay.pรบ
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i got an egg [pop] i got gum a kazoo a candy necklace for forty cents, i got one of these [pop] a stamp helium fabric softener [pop] lipstick two pills a day is what it takes to stay alive if you're hiv positive. those pills cost about forty cents a day. >> brett: fresh picking from the political grapevine. irs says they need to expand the work force to deal with the president's healthcare law. the newly released irs budget requested more than thousand auditors and staffer is and new facilities that will cost taxpayers more than $359 million
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for fiscal year 2012. that includes 81 workers costing $11.5 million a sign to make sure tanning salons pay the 10% tax. they say the healthcare law says quote, the largest set of tax law changes in more than 20 years. ohio republican governor might need a reminder he can exercise his right to remain silent any time. it shows him speaking at an event that describes as a police officer that gave him a ticket as an idiot. they told a local station that every officer is going to take offense to that. kasich spokesman says the governor doesn't enjoy getting a ticket. he holds law enforcement in the highest regard. finally the lavish birthday
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celebrations honoring kim jong-il provided the opportunity for a north korean man to escape from his country slipping out to south korea. the south korean and spy agency officials could not explain how the man managed to walk across 2.5 miles and pass north korean guards. we told you tuesday the regime struggled to provide luxury gifts typically doled out for the occasion, many fake designer items were purchased in bulk from china. now back to the budget. president obama says he is trying to hold the line on most spending, but he is proposing big increases for clean energy programs. tonight an example of how going green is working or not working. dan stringer looks at efforts in oregon. >> whether it's wind, solar or other technologies, race toward clean energy is on. in the state of union address, president obama called it this
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generation sputnik moment. >> by 2085, 80% of america's energy will come from clean energy. >> government buildings to news all renewable power by 2010, they only achieved 2%. >> not only were they unrealistic but mainly the cost of renewable energy significantly higher than traditional energy sources. >> oregon has plenty of companies. 37 states have laws requiring utilities to meet standards. most are behind schedule and some are considering scrapping the goals. the department of energy says we can get there with new technologies and some old ones. >> 25 years from now, the potential in technology area is amazing. every homeowner could have solar panels on their roofs. we could have widespread use of
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small nuclear reactors. >> using the definition of clean energy, the u.s. is at 40% clean. that is only because he counts natural gas, nuclear and even what is called clean coal where most of the harmful chemicals are scrubbed out but environmentalists aren't sold. >> there is no such thing as clean coal. >> the president's proposed budget announced this week makes good on his pledge to funding of energy research to the tune of $8 billion while cutting subsidies for oil and natural gas. republicans oppose the move unproven technologies are usually more expensive and ultimately drive up the cost of powering the economy. >> brett: louisiana republican senator david vitter will continue to block the nomination for a new chief for the fish and wildlife service until the interior department starts issuing drilling permits. they have a handle on the noaa.
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